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Going through a divorce requires a great deal of preparation and foresight. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to plan for your future while you’re in the middle of the process. This is why it’s important to retain an attorney who’s experienced in property division law. The division of assets and finances can be the largest conflict during a divorce. You’ll want an experienced property division lawyer who can make sure you receive fair treatment. A property division attorney works aggressively to defend your rights and assets. So, consider the division of assets lawyer Stephen Browndorf when facing a contentious divorce. He’ll work with you to provide a full understanding of your legal entitlements. You can also count on him to make sure you receive what you’re entitled to. The law office is located in Northfield, NJ and serves local communities, including:

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Property Division Lawyer

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While divorces are extremely difficult, they’re often the path to the next chapter of a person’s life. Most people will need to retain much of their assets in order to begin this next chapter. This is where the subject of property division law comes in. People often assume that property will be divided evenly into two portions during a divorce. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. New Jersey uses “equitable division” in divorce cases. This means that the court aims to distribute assets fairly during a divorce. An equitable division makes consideration of both parties’ financial responsibilities and contributions. The court then attempts to distribute assets fairly between both parties taking these factors into consideration. You can contact property division lawyer Stephen Browndorf when you’re facing a divorce. He’ll help you understand the property division law surrounding your situation.

Division Of Assets Lawyer

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Property division often confuses people. Most people assume that the entirety of their assets will be subject to a division by the divorce court. But that’s not the case. New Jersey considers items gained by a couple during their marriage to be “marital property.” The marital property makes up the assets that can be divided by a court during a divorce. Property division law says that courts may only divide assets considered marital property. This means that property gained prior to the marriage would not be subject to division.

There are other special exceptions that can be exempt from property division law. Courts typically cannot consider an inheritance received during property division. Other circumstances, like being gifted an asset by a third-party, can be protected from property division. You can always turn to Attorney Browndorf to ensures a fair legally, appropriate division of the marital assets when you are going through a divorce. He will protect your property.

Property Division Attorney

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Courts consider several factors for property division. Property division law also plays a role in determining child custody, support and alimony.  Judges may consider the physical and emotional well-being of both parties and their children. There are many more factors that are weighed and they can become complicated. Contact property division attorney Stephen Browndorf when you’re considering your divorce. There are many different ways assets can be divided, and you must remain proactive to ensure you receive what’s fair. Attorney Browndorf is well versed in property division law. His office is located in Atlantic County, NJ. Don’t face family court on your own. You can turn to the experienced attorney who’ll fight for your rights and equitable treatment.

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