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The end of a marriage is rarely a happy time. A number of factors can contribute to divorce. Courts take domestic violence matters very seriously and they can establish the initial consideration in your divorce . And for good reason. Domestic violence can lead to a difficult divorce, among other serious consequences. When facing these charges, it’s important to retain a domestic violence lawyer. The consequences of a domestic violence matter can be substantial and permanent. In this situation, it’s best to hire an experienced restraining order lawyer. You need to protect yourself from any potential harm and a restraining order is an effective way for you to do that. Attorney Stephen Browndorf is well-versed in domestic violence law and is ready to provide assistance. The law office is located in Atlantic County, NJ. Attorney Browndorf also aims to keep restraining order lawyer fees reasonable. So, get in touch today if you’re in one of the nearby areas:

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Domestic Violence Lawyer

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Domestic violence law encompasses a range of crimes. The state of New Jersey considers any actual or threatened violence, physical or otherwise, to be domestic violence. This is only if the violence is directed at someone that the offender is currently or was previously in a relationship with. Courts consider crimes ranging from homicide to stalking to be domestic violence. Survivors of domestic violence have options for protection aside from criminal prosecution. Survivors may enter the address confidentiality program. This program provides a substitute mailing address for victims. This helps their new location stay secure. Protective orders are also effective. Judges can issue protective orders to prevent further violence or intimidation.

Stephen Browndorf is an experienced domestic violence lawyer. He will work with you and your situation. He always aims for an appropiate resolution. Sometimes this may mean a domestic violence restraining order or in other cases, civil restraints. You need an experienced domestic violence law attorney. Stephen Browndorf can help you today.

Restraining Order Lawyer

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There are many situations in which you may need a restraining order. Courts issue restraining orders after the victim files a complaint. Initially, a judge will issue a TRO, or Temporary Restraining Order. A TRO will then go into effect and the offending party will be notified. People typically file for a restraining order after the offender has been arrested. But, an arrest isn’t necessary in order to file. Courts must decide if the TRO should be finalized within 10 days of issue. A TRO becomes a FRO, or final restraining order, once it is approved by the court.

Offenders will have their fingerprints taken once a final restraining order has been issued. Therefore, the court places offenders on the domestic violence registry. Finally, a judge can even revisit any relevant child or spousal support payments. You need a restraining order lawyer to make sure things go smoothly. Securing a final restraining order and/or seeking a dismissal of a temporary restraining order can be a difficult experience. You’ll want to have someone on your side to walk you through the process. Attorney Browndorf knows domestic violence law well. He will protect you in court.

Restraining Order Lawyer Fees

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You have the right to defend yourself if a restraining order is filed against you. While this isn’t a criminal trial, there are still very high stakes. Things can quickly become unmanageable when trying to represent yourself. Because of this, you should turn to experienced restraining order lawyer Stephen Browndorf. His expertise in domestic violence law will help protect you from unfair treatment. Additionally, he aims to keep restraining order lawyer fees reasonable. So, get in touch today if you’re in need of representation. The law office serves Atlantic County, NJ, and surrounding areas.

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