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Dealing with divorce, alimony, property rights, child custody and child support issues on your own can feel like a daunting task. There are a lot of factors that go into each decision, and it’s important to retain family law services that will work for you. Thankfully, the Law Office of Stephen Browndorf has one of the best divorce and child custody lawyers in the Atlantic County, NJ area. You can turn to Attorney Browndorf for any of your family law needs. Additionally, you can hire his services when you need a domestic violence attorney near me. You need an attorney you can trust. So, turn to the family law services with over 30 years of experience. We’re located in Northfield, NJ and serve the surrounding areas, including:

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  • Egg Harbor
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  • Linwood
  • Ocean City
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  • Gloucester
  • Margate
  • Toms River

Clients can call today for experienced family law services. There’s a lot to deal with when a marriage comes to an end. This is a difficult time emotionally and can be even more trying financially. It’s important to find the divorce and child custody lawyer who will fight for your fair treatment. Attorney Browndorf works to ensure that each and every one of his clients has their rights protected. Some divorces are amicable. It’s important to be sure that your finances are being handled appropriately, even in these cases. Attorney Browndorf will passionately defend all that you are entitled to during a contentious divorce.

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Divorce And Child Custody Lawyers

Attorney Browndorf specializes in divorce and child custody cases. He has gained an impeccable track record in family law services. Much of this is due to Attorney Browndorf’s 30 plus years of experience as a practicing lawyer. He has expertise in both contested and uncontested divorce cases. Attorney Browndorf can handle the specific elements at play during any type of divorce case. Child support and alimony are also hugely important factors in a divorce. Our office works diligently to protect the best interests of any child involved. You can rely on Attorney Browndorf to ensure that parental responsibilities and time-sharing schedules are established fairly and with regards to both parents. This is what you can expect from confident family law services.

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Child Support And Alimony

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Alimony can be a tricky topic when it comes to divorce. Experienced family law services can ensure you receive what’s fair. But, there are several different types of alimony in New Jersey. This receipt of alimony helps previously dependent spouses become self-sufficient. There are 13 plus factors that the court considers in awarding alimony. It is important to have an experienced alimony attorney to handle these types of issues.  

Child support is also dependent on many different factors in its calculation. Again, Attorney Browndorf will guide you through this process and ensure you a fair reward is secured from the court and/ or negotiations. You will not be taken advantage of. 

Domestic Violence Attorney Near Me

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Domestic violence is a serious civil charge/ allegation., with substantial and possibly permanent consequences. Whether you are the victim or the accused offender, your legal rights and entitlements will be protected. When this happens, you need to find the best domestic violence attorney near Northfield, NJ. You can always turn to the family law services of Stephen Browndorf when you’re in need of representation. You can trust Attorney Browndorf to aggressively defend your rights. Call the family law services of Stephen Browndorf today to start fighting for your cause. 

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